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Quality assurance control system:
Pharmacy efficiency experts with rich experience provide solutions of fluid perfusion industry;
Excellent ceramic material experts- provide solutions on physics and chemical property of ceramic material;
Outstanding superhard material processing experts-provide high precision of ceramic processing.
Premium properties of the ceramic material, Phrama-A and Phrama-Zcan ensure the material stability of crystalline phase under extreme working conditions(dry heat and saturated heating steam);

Quality standards of raw materials;
Rigorous material testing method and perfect material quality filling ensure material traceability.

*Ceramic processing and testing equipment
Professional and advanced ceramic precision processing equipment ensure less distortion of product before leaving factory.

*Product quality standard and application function of finished product testing system
Finished appearance and physical dimension standards (roughness, roundness, straightness, cylindricity and 3D surface scan);
Application function of Finished product testing system(airtightness, measuring accuracy, rotproofness and fire resisting quality testing).
Knowledge of purging and sterilization of Ceramic pump

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