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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Is your product easy to break?

Ordinary ceramics are very sensitive to mechanical impact, in order to solve this problem, Shenzhen Jing Zhuo developed materials Pharma-Z formula, which is a relatively hard and impact-resistant materials, thereby solving the ceramic fragile defects.

2.What about ceramic pump production process?

Simply put, the production of ceramic pump in three steps: Step One: Select the appropriate formula to produce a ceramic material can meet their functional requirements, which sintered blanks; Step two: the use of special equipment, the ceramic blanks preliminary processing and precision machining, to meet the geometry requirements; The third step: the precision ceramic parts and stainless steel parts and assembled, and its functionality and tightness testing.

3. What are the advantages of ceramic pump can?

(1) inert metal oxides, acid corrosion, high temperature, high temperature conditions suitable for repeated sterilization; (2) ultra-high hardness: resistance to abrasion, long service life (chrome steel pump 5-8 times), a very small amount of particles released; (3) crystal structure shows zero porosity material mass density: the product surface is very smooth, minimal friction, minimal drug residues; (4) minimal thermal expansion: piston gap is smaller, no solution can be run continuously, filling accuracy can be realized-line cleaning and sterilization;

4.How about compatibility of ceramic material and product ?

Pharma-A, Pharma-Z ceramic material is extremely inert inorganic oxide material, after precision machining has a high surface finish, higher than the GMP standard. We can provide a ceramic sample tests related supply and demand side.

5.Does ceramic pump can replace the original stainless steel pumps and glass pump ?

Yes, our ceramic pump to replace the original stainless steel pumps and glass pump, filling machine without the need for any transformation and adjustment.

6.How to choose the pump model?

Different device manufacturers, driven use of not the same: Filling precision mechanical drive driven way worse than servo motor, in order to ensure accuracy, we recommend using at least 3/4 of the maximum measurement range: If the installed capacity of the pump range in 1.5-6.9ml, it is recommended to use at least 2.0, higher measurement accuracy.

7.Does ceramic metering pumps can be used for filling the crystalline product and suspension products ?

For most of crystal products and suspension products, we can use ceramic pump. However, we recommend ordering the pump before, to provide a product samples, and filling product information note, we will carry out simulations, experimental design, customized solutions for the product packaging measure.

8.Does ceramics pump can operate at high temperatures ?

Yes, ceramics pump can operate at high temperatures. However, when purchasing the product must tell your temperature, it will select materials and assembly parameters according to your requirements to meet your working conditions. Our standard product is 15-40 ℃ operating temperature, and wash off after ceramic pump must at this temperature in order to mount the rod pump kit.

9.Does ceramic pump can be autoclaved ?

Yes, a ceramic pump can be autoclaved, but before autoclaving, the pump must be disassembled.

  10. Why ceramic pump in contact stainless steel will be black?

Since the ceramic material is harder than stainless steel, such as a collision or contact with both stainless steel will adhere to ceramic, clear afford! We recommend the use of non-metallic materials as cleaning and handling containers.

11.How about ceramic pump’s life?

Ceramic pump life is affected by many factors:
(1) Material pump used;
(2) factory pump gap;
(3) Mechanical properties;
Ingredients (4) of drugs, particle size, hardness;
(5) sterilization methods and control parameters;
Due to high hardness of the ceramic material, it is difficult to wear, sports number 100 million times in only a very small amount of wear (<0.0002mm); but sterilization frequency increases, impact-resistant properties of ceramic materials decreased (sterilization times the number in 2000 within, drop impact resistance); plus the performance of different manufacturers filling machine is large, life of more than five years.

12. When ceramic pump locked up, how to do it?

Pump Locking mostly because of the large particles or liquid residue is not removed within the pump. You can use heat, ultrasound, and placed in the refrigerator to cool the way for locking member disengaged; if still not out of the above parties, could use mechanical force, the use of copper, but pay attention to the intensity.

13.Does ceramic pump can be repaired ?

Yes, a ceramic pump is maintenance. Ceramic columns and sets can be repaired or replaced, but with the column must be re-set match with the internal structure of the original pump match.

14.How to clean the ceramic pump?

Cleaning a ceramic pumps and other pumps (glass pump, the same stainless steel pump), commercially available cleaners can be used to clean ceramic pump, the pump can also be used ultrasonic cleaning ceramics.

  15. Does ceramic pump require special care during the operation it?

And other high precision products, ceramic pump in the course of care should also be careful! Just you the right way, in the cleaning, the impact of the sterilization process, not easily damage the pump, or cause it to malfunction in production use. You can buy our produce heavy cleaning sterilization racks, cleaning sterilization reduce operating strength. In our product specification provides instructions for use of the pump, cleaning procedures, sterilization methods and conditions of use and common fault analysis.

16.How to buy ceramic pumps and pump parts?

Our pumps build at the factory information file, please provide the pump according to the method using the instructions on the relevant information we can offer spare parts or new pump within a week.
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